Antalya beaches that lie on The Mediterranean Sea are the most beautiful beaches in the whole world; the sea water appears in Turquoise due to the reflection of the blue sky and green trees surrounding these beaches.

There are many kinds of beaches in Antalya, some are sandy, and others are Rocky and Gravel. Most of Antalya Beaches are public or private meaning that they’re managed by restaurants or coffee shops and anyone can enter for free, but has to rent a sea chair for 2-4 $ only. You can also order food and drinks from the menu of each restaurant. Prices are affordable, but make sure they’re on the menu before you order.

Here, we’re going to present the most beautiful visited beaches in Antalya, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the beaches are not nice. Each region and beach has its own special features such as the color of the sea, calmness and nature whether it’s sandy or rocky.