About Antalya

Antalya Province is located on the Mediterranean coast of south-west Turkey, between the Taurus High Mountains -covered with forests and snow in winter- and the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya is the Capital of this city with a population of 2.5 Million and it’s about 20,000 Kilometers square, visited by more than 15 million tourist from all around the world yearly since it has so many resorts and hotels around its cities.

Antalya is a really big Province with many cities and provinces, but tourists visit a lot of these cities like Alanya, Side, and Manevgat... (You can find all cities and counties with detailed description on Home Page under each city).

Antalya is called Heaven on Earth for the geographical variety such as Seas, Beaches, Mountains, Forests, Lakes, Rivers, Valleys, and Plains. You can enjoy swimming during the day since the temperature is almost 30 Celsius, then head to Taurus Mountains located at 30-40 kilometers away only and enjoy a cup of coffee in the nice weather.

You can visit Antalya in all seasons, for each season has its own sparkle. In winter, the cities are cold at night, and mountains are covered with ice where you can experience skiing. Winter, autumn and spring are suitable for adventures and Nature lovers where the weather is suitable for walking, hiking, visiting far places and shopping. It’s a low season for booking flights and hotels. However, summer is the best for swimming and shopping in air conditioned Malls.

The Capital (Antalya City) is considered the most important tourism center, it has so many nice areas that attract tourists and gives it the amenity of vitality, and you can check more about antalya city under Destination